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Speedometer Online

Online Speedometer is now in your pocket. Check how fast you are travelling online with this free online speedometer. FahTool helps you to measures your real-time speed of bicycle, bike, car, train in meter/sec, miles/h, km/h using phone GPS without any app installation.


Make sure you gave permissions to this website and the browser

You can convert your distance in meter to miles, miles to km, km to meter etc. using this Length Converter tool. Do many more things using our other tools.

What is Online Speedometer?

Online Speedometer is a free online speedometer tool that helps you to measure your current speed in meter/sec, mph, kph. This tool can measure speed of car, bike, train, bicycle etc. Online speedometer works with phone GPS without any app installation.

How to use Speedometer Online

To use Speedometer Online from FahTool
At first, give location permissions to Speedometer online tool.
Then, it will show your current speed.

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